About Zoon

Brand Story

Zoon, meaning moon in Kashmiri language, evokes calmness and the sublimity in that which is unchanging yet new every day; it stirs our creative curiosity and informs our design practice and the visual language of our creations. 
Born as an ode to mindful and conscious design practice that transcends barriers of time and geography, Zoon celebrates that which is handmade and woven with stories of the artisans. The true north of the brand points towards the nostalgia of making garments by hand, the meditative rhythm that goes into each stage of this process, and rusticity, something that Zoon captures in the details. 
Zoon is Shreya Niwahaal Posh's canvas of mindful design practice. The arduous task of walking through alleys to find the right fabric and weavers in different cities, brainstorming at the pattern maker’s station, holding each handmade piece of garment in hand, a culmination of often unacknowledged stories. This inspired her to start Zoon, with a twin objective of drawing her design practice closer to its roots and also acknowledging those behind the process as shareholders in the practice.
“Zoon, according to me, is delicate, empowering, romantic, and laden with nostalgia. I started the label to be closer to the process of hand made clothes, of feeling the fabric, its fall, the unique texture, documenting its journey and the hands it was passed down before being cut into a garment. To me, handcrafted outfits tell stories of their own while also making for a canvas of self-expression. With Zoon, I wish to create a space for those stories to be told and the people behind them be appreciated.”